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Please find below some links to various instructions for the operation of certain facilities in the Institute:

Behaviour & Noise
Please be considerate of the nearby residents when using the Institute and particularly when leaving at night; be as quiet as possible.

Thermostat Control
If the Hirer’s of the hall feels either too cold or too warm then please adjust the temperature by pressing the plus sign for a higher temp or the minus sign for a cooler temp.

Cooking Facilities
For full instructions on the use of the cooking facilities, please go to our Cooker Instructions...

Fire Alarm
For details on how to reset the fire alarm should it accidentally sound, please see our fire alarm reset instructions...

See also our rules & regulations...
Metafit classes in Glaisdale 17 July 2018
Metafit classes in Glaisdale 18 July 2018
Metafit classes in Glaisdale 20 July 2018
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